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Community Service is extremely important to me and I have found ways to use my passion for education, as well as my talents, to serve important organizations in a variety of manners.

CCD (Sunday School) Teacher

St. Valentine Parish – Bethel Park, PA (August 2004 – Present)

For the past seven years, I have volunteered as a CCD teacher for St. Valentine Parish in Bethel Park, PA. I started as a second grade teacher, helping students to prepare for the important sacraments of reconciliation and communion. After several years of teaching second grade, I moved to a fifth grade classroom, and then to a seventh grade classroom, which is the grade that I currently teach. My responsibilities include planning and executing lessons on a weekly basis for a class of between 15-20 students, which meets for a period of one hour and fifteen minutes. My lessons are in line with both the parish curriculum and the standards set forth by the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Each year, my classroom includes a variety of learners, including gifted students, students with learning disabilities and students with behavioral issues. I have designed creative, student-centered lessons which allow all students to participate and succeed, and which help students to make meaningful connections to their lives as well as learn the objective material presented. For example, this past year, students wrote their own parables illustrating Biblical principles, worked in groups to write and perform skits, and created comic strips and posters about the Church. In addition, students organized a fundraiser for a charity of their choice and raised $150.00 in donations.

Teaching at St. Valentine Parish has given me the opportunity to practice designing lesson plans based on the inquiry-based learning model which are engaging and meaningful to students. In addition, it has helped me to refine my classroom management skills.

Reference: Sue Browning

Volunteer, “Humane Education” Program

Animal Friends, Pittsburgh, PA (Spring 2009 – Present)

I am extremely passionate about animal rescue, and I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to combine my love of rescue animals with my love of education by participating in Animal Friends’ “Humane Education” program. The Human Education program is designed to teach children about a variety of topics such as animal safety, nutrition, pet care and the prevention of cruelty, with an underlying theme of compassion. Each year, many students visit Animal Friends’ resource center for activities such as summer camps, tours, and scout badge days.

Over the past few years, I have lent my expertise to Animal Friends by volunteering to participate in seminars and summer camps for local schoolchildren in elementary and middle school. I have helped Girl Scouts meet their merit badge requirements by giving presentations on kitten care. I have also volunteered as an assistant during the annual summer camps, providing support to the education director as well as leading small groups in breakaway sessions and giving tours of the center.

For more information about Animal Friends’ Humane Education program, please click here.

Reference: Dana Schultz

If you would like to contact my references for these volunteer activities, please contact me and I will gladly provide you with their telephone numbers.

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